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From Gerhard Fröhlich <>
Subject [c2] filesystem storage issues
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2001 10:32:11 GMT
Hi Team,
how do want the filesystem storage cooked :-).

In the storage interface there are two methods store() and hold();

The MRUMemoryStore class implements in the hold() method the memory store.

Two ways to implement the fs store:
1. We can implement the filesystem storage in the hold() method. This
has the advantage, that automatically all serializable objects
(CacheEventObjects and
CacheStreamObject and CacheValidty) are stored on the fs.
2. Or we implement it in the store() method, then it is up to you to call
this method. The advantage is more flexibility, disadvantage, you have to call
2 methods.


Gerhard Fröhlich

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when GOD is dividing by zero" 

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