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From Dumon Bruno <>
Subject RE: DTD for XMAP
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 12:12:48 GMT
A while back I started writing a sitemap schema using relax-ng. I've
compared it a little with your DTD and found some shortcommings:
- the element 'label' isn't supported
- elements such as the various component declarations, views, resources,
action-sets, and even the pipelines element are all optional (at least I
think so)
- the serialize element has empty content, while it should allow
parameter-elements inside it. It could also have mime-type and status-code
- the aggregate element can have a prefix attribute
- the pipeline element can have an internal-only attribute
- the mount element can have a reload-method attribute
- ...
To know what element/attributes exist you can look in the sitemap.xsl file.
I've attached my relax-ng schema, which is usable but could be improved.
More information and a link to a relax-ng implementation can be found on
Bruno Dumon

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Subject: DTD for XMAP


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