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From acoliver <>
Subject No Subject
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 13:00:04 GMT
>Hi Andy, 
>  formulas and styles are nice features, which should at some point in
>available, but for example we would be able to use it, if we can just
>raw data to excel. We are currently using csv files, which is not that

I plan to support raw data pretty early on.  Right now, we're basically done
with the low level Ole Compound Document Format, we're going to clean that
up and wrap a high level api around it.  Then we'll split into two tasks
basically:  Excel stuff and Cocoon Stuff (serializer and/or generator).

Today we're specing out the interfaces.  Tomarrow we're doing performance
enhancements on the Ole CDF stuff and figuring out what to name it to avoid
using Ole but making it clear.   

>  Did I get you right in your first mail. Your solution would be a 100%
>java, no windumb needed?

Exactly.  The idea for this grew out of several projects I've worked on that
had to buy Formula1 ( which is $10,000 and has a very convoluted
api (actually it has three or four).  Moreover, it doesn't have very good
XML capability. Lastly Donald's ESQL stuff seems ripe for quick reporting.  


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