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From Peter Royal <>
Subject Re: AW: [C2]: Using ThreadLocal?
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2001 13:58:05 GMT
At 03:45 PM 7/23/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>Has noone else an opinion on this topic?

I have a quasi-related one :) I hesitated to send it initially as I wasn't 
sure to the relevance.

> > We could either make this variable available
> > via a static variable of some class, e.g.
> > the Cocoon class or we could hide the
> > existence of the ThreadLocal instance and
> > create an avalon component which accesses
> > this ThreadLocal variable, so the avalon
> > component must be looked up and offers
> > some get methods to retrieve the
> > information.

We use avalon over here for the other 1/2 of our application that the c2 
front-end talks to. I was thinking about hiding a ThreadLocal variable 
inside of a component to store session information. In our case, any given 
thread that is doing work for a user is always associated with a single 
session, and rather than pass a session ID around in all of our method 
calls, why not just have a component that always returns the proper session.

I think using ThreadLocal's to solve some problems might be a good idea, 
mainly your #2 suggestion, logging. The more information that can be saved 
in the log when an error occurs, the better. It has been our experience 
that end users are very bad about reporting bugs, and then even if they do 
report then, getting information about the context in which the bug 
occurred can be very difficult.

just my .02

peter royal ->
managing partners, inc. ->

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