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From Muhamad Nazir <>
Subject My Problem with iPlanet
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2001 02:51:40 GMT
Hi everyone,

Can somebody help me pls, anybody who has a strong background in
I just want to know, the exact procedure to install cocoon under
I'm using Cocoon 1.8.2 as I noticed Cocoon 2 is not yet can  be deployed
under iPlanet.
For your info, I followed the same instruction as in the documentation

1) Every time I try to rebuild the samples the same error occured :
cannot found org.apache.* (I don't know the exact problem - classpasth
or something else)

2) I have one logicsheet to call a JavaBean which later will be calling
an EJB, so where do I have to put the files - logicsheet is fine, I can
put it under the same folder as *.xml and *xsl, but my JavaBean which is
the mediator between EJB and logicsheet(s).

3) Do I need to build the JavaBean and the *.xml, *.xsl, and logicsheet
together using ant

4) Can I make the *.WAR and *.JAR under iPlanet Deployment Tool ?
(instead of using ant )

Thank you in advance.
~ Nazir ~

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