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From Simeon Walker <>
Subject Re: [C2] Can't get recent or latest 2.0 branch to run
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 18:25:52 GMT
> Please check that you don't have any stale Cocoon library in
> classpath or ext dir or somewhere else.
> If this is not the case, please quote lines around line where exception occured from
> your file. If this line have method call on request object, check
> your from cocoon\environment\http package.
> Vadim

  my j2re1.3/lib/ext dir is empty, I never use it. When the Cocoon cvs 
moved I deletedeverything and did a new checkout, I haven't been able to 
run it since. My JAVA_HOME is /usr/lib/j2sdk1.3 and I have no CLASSPATH 
or other java related variables set in my shell.

For this part of the error message:

	at org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon.debug(
	at org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon.process(

The lines from are:

382         msg.append("PROTOCOL:
383            msg.append("SCHEME:
384         msg.append("AUTH TYPE:
386         // log all of the request parameters
387         Enumeration e = request.getParameterNames();

419    public boolean process(Environment environment)
420    throws Exception {
421        if (disposed) throw new IllegalStateException("You cannot process a
Disposed Cocoon engine.");
422        this.debug(environment, null, null);
423        return this.sitemapManager.invoke(this.componentManager, environment,
"", this.sitemapFileName,
424                 this.checkSitemapReload, this.reloadSitemapAsynchron);
425    }

The org/apache/cocoon/environment/http/ file
does define getAuthType:

79    public String getAuthType() {
80        return this.req.getAuthType();
81    }

How can I checkout a particular date from cvs? Maybe I
can find out when it last worked.


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