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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Require developers to install Ant themselves.
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 07:51:03 GMT

"Timm, Sean" a écrit :
> Berin Loritsch [] wrote:
> > The current trend among Jakarta projects is to require developers to
> > install ant on
> > their machines locally--and be responsible for current updates.  The
> > reason is that
> > it is becomming increasingly clear that we would otherwise have an
> > installation
> > for EACH repository we have checked out.  This was true of all the
> > Avalon projects
> > until we unified their build systems.
> >
> The problem I see is that new versions of Ant can (and have) introduced
> various incompatibilities with prior versions.  This means that all projects
> have to ensure that they are all using the same version of Ant and that they
> all upgrade their build projects and make a new release at the same time
> when a new build of Ant is available.  (Or require developers to screw with
> switching back and forth between different Ant versions manually every time
> they want to build a different project).
Another problem is how will users rebuild their distro if Ant isn't
included in the builds ? So it must be included. And then, it would be a
bad thing for developpers to build the project with a different Ant
version than the one that's included in the project.

> > This approach has its merits and drawbacks.  The merits are that it
> > raises interest
> > in Ant, and possibly contributing to Ant.  Drawbacks include
> > the loss of
> > simply typing
> > ./ to get the build going.  (Actually, we can keep the build
> > scripts that will simply
> > run the installed Ant).
> >

IMO, this will have no positive effect on Ant : users and developers
will be struggling with the incompatibilities of their respective local
Ant installations and the projects build files.

Also, I don't think this will change the interest people have in Ant.
How many people have a single make binary on their Linux box and how
many of them have looked a its internals ?

BTW, it is very likely (at least it's the case here) that people have
their own Ant installed for their projects.

> If I had a vote, I'd vote -1 (for the reasons indicated).  Hard drive space
> is cheap.  My time is not.  :)
I do have :) So -1.

> - Sean T.

Sylvain Wallez
Anyware Technologies -

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