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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject donation: stylesheet for excel output (pure java)
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2001 18:20:55 GMT

I've been co-developing a project with another developer, Marc Johnson. 
  The project is designed to allow for goals:

	1. port Microsoft's Ole 2 "Structured Storage" file format to (pure) 
java.  (There is already a C port known as libole2, part of gnome)
	2. using this library create a system for reading/writing Excel 
spreadsheets.  (pure java)  This will be easier than the first.
	3. create a Cocoon 2 serializer (and/or transformer?) for using this. 
(pure java)
	4. make it easier to use XML for reporting and row/column data in a 
crossformat manner.  (pure java)

We estimate another couple weeks or so.  At that point we'd like to 
donate the source to the Cocoon project (or related project).

Would there be interest in this donation?  To what portion of the 
project would this be most appropriate, or should this be seperate 
somehow?  How would we go about doing it (the docs seemed to more point 
to altering existing code than new stuff).

Thank you,


PS Direct replies welcome for this topic (I'm on digest :-) ).

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