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From Jose de Zarate <>
Subject Re: [C2] Question: Is FP feasible for C2?
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2001 17:01:01 GMT
I also made that kind of question a month ago, and now I post you the answer I

""""""""""""""""I recently committed myself on this list to update the FP
TagLib for Cocoon 2.

I have not even started yet ;)

As for FP type Actions, my hope (and stated condition for doing the above
work) is that XSP Actions (something that was discussed here a few months
ago) will become a reality, allowing us to compile custom Actions from XSP

That's the plan anyhow ......

regards Jeremy"""""""""

> My employers are quite taken with the FP taglib for C1, and would like to
> use something like it with C2.  I have been looking at the FP code, and
> wondering how feasible it would be to convert it/do something similar in the
> context of C2.
> Forgive me if I'm off the track, but it seems to me that the DOM model in C1
> made something like FP a little easier because you could deal with the whole
> XML source document in memory.  Presumably things are a little trickier with
> the SAX model in C2?
> I have seen a couple of questions about FP for C2 on the users list, so I
> thought I'd ask here if it's feasible and/or if anyone's working on  it
> before possibly having a stab myself.
> Regards,
> Tim Bentley
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