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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: couple of problems exposed under heavy load
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 13:50:08 GMT
Donald Ball wrote:
> heya. i recently got my tomcat-catalina and my apache talking to each
> other, hurrah. i took the opportunity to load test my cocoon webapp.
> overall, it held up pretty nicely, but when i cranked up the concurrency,
> i started getting some exceptions here and there. one was:
> DEBUG   28325   [cocoon  ] (Ajp13Processor[8009][10]): UnnamedSelector:
> ComponentSelector could not access the Component for hint: html
> java.lang.Exception: Could not create enough Components to service your
> request.

This was probably due to limits of your JVM.  When we are getting Components
from a pool, Excalibur (used by Cocoon) will create new instances of the
Components when needed.  If the JVM cannot create a new Component, then it
will throw an exception, and you will see the error message above.

> WARN    27933   [cocoon  ] (Ajp13Processor[8009][4]): Pool interrupted
> while waiting for lock.

This is usually associated with the Datasources code.  The bug should be
fixed in the next release of Avalon.  DataSources do not create new instances
of Connections, so a pool will wait indefinitely or until it is interrupted.
In that case, the lock is reset, and opperations will continue.

> (which is probably my bug, but i thought the 'Pool interrupted while
> waiting for lock' message was strange)

This is a warning message dealing with the Lock class used in Excalibur.
It is telling you that due to outside constraints, the pool caught an
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