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From Frans Thamura <>
Subject Re: C1 to C2 Migration
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 05:41:59 GMT
Dear Donald,

I have several xml based on cocoon, and work well, and
I can said that the file is stable enough for my
production environment, but the sitemap make my script
is not working.

Can I used cocoon 2 engine, but using the smiliar
environment like cocoon 1.8

This the case study.
I create an XSP, with xml extension. and run it.

After that.. I don' know what should I do to run it in
Cocoon 2, 

Would you help me to explain me, step-by-step, because
I am may be expert enough using cocoon 1.8x but in
Cocoon 2. I am successfully install cocoon2, and work
well. but since today, I still cannot create an XSP.


--- Donald Ball <> wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, Ed wrote:
> > I have been working with C1 using
> AbstractProducer.
> > What should be used in C2?
> implement Generator. any of the programmatic
> Generators should serve as a
> good example - see RequestGenerator for instance.
> you could, of course,
> also use xsp pages to generate dynamic content.
> - donald
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