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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: [RT] forms
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 15:34:06 GMT
On 18.Jul.2001 -- 04:45 PM, Torsten Curdt wrote:
> Looking at all the approaches for xml based form handling
> (including my own ones) I'm not really happy what there
> is available up to now... 

There has been a discussion on the user list recently... I would
prefer to stick as close to XForms as possible.

> Especially multipage forms, error messages and i18n
> is not addressed in an extensive or sufficient manner.

Well, I would like to tackle forms in a vew days, but frankly,
I would reckon multipage forms to be too complex for an initial


> And the direct one:
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <pages>
>   <page name="name">
>     <textbox name="firstname">
>       <caption><i18n:translate>Firstname</i18n:translate></caption>
>       <validation nullable="yes"/>
>     </textbox>
>     <textbox name="lastname">
>       <caption><i18n:translate>Lastname</i18n:translate></caption>
>     </textbox>
>     <textbox name="email">
>       <caption><i18n:translate>Email</i18n:translate></caption>
>       <validation type="string" regexp="^[\d\w][\d\w\-_\.]*@([\d\w\-_]+\.)\w\w\w?$"/>
>     </textbox>
>     <textbox name="age">
>       <caption><i18n:translate>Age</i18n:translate></caption>
>       <validation type="long" min="4" max="99"/>
>     </textbox>
>   </page>
> </pages>

This is really not very far from XForms.

> (Btw: I don't understand the constraints in the current FormValidatorAction.
>       Isn't setting a min/max etc. the same as specifying a constraint?)

Yes, these are the constraints available plus equivalence to another
parameter or a constant and few more.

> Now a FormPopulatorAction could populate the values (if it is
> an object based form). A FormValidationAction could check the
> values and propose a page to show. A FormTransformer could
> filter out everything but the correct page and expand the
> form elements the full introspective.

I would prefer a "XForms logicsheet" or a "XForms stylesheet" to
anything else. After all, you will probably want to use it on XSP.

Of course this does not rule out a FormTransformer but I'm not sure
about a FormPopulator -- a transformer might work as well. But I feel
that's not within the scope of such a package.

> Comments please ;)


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