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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: [C2] Custom Logicsheets
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 09:22:53 GMT
On 06.Jul.2001 -- 09:03 AM, Morrison, John wrote:
> Berin,
> I've got a logicsheet in and working - at least adding it's functions to the
> java output.  However (there's always a however in these things... ;) when I
> apply _my_ logicsheet and esql the Java output'd by my sheet fails to
> compile.  Do you (or anybody else) have an example of a logicsheet which
> puts some functions outside of the content and still works after esql has
> been applied?
> My logicsheet looks (something) like this...

John, it really would help if you'd provide us with a minimal working
example that exhibits the problem together with as much error messages
as possible. Well, probably only the excerpt from cocoon.log that is
related to this particular URI. The easiest way to figure out is to
request the page only as third page (or three times), go to the end of
the file and copy everything from the end to the next "Processed by
Apache Cocoon 2.1-dev in XXXX milliseconds." Looking for "seconds"
usually does it.

The example posted exhibits a couple of problems you're probably aware
and have slipped in by reducing it, like there's an extra "}" in your
method and the "copy-all" template is missing.


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