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From acoliver <>
Subject Re: RE: RE:donation: stylesheet for excel output (pure java)
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 19:28:32 GMT

>Hi Andy,

>Thanks a lot for all the detailed information.


>Actually, I tried transform the XML file(through XSLT) to some MS Excel

>spreadsheets(with the specific style that I desired), which can be open

>by Excel through the IE. The challege is I can not pass this Excel file

>through Cocoon, scince there is no such serializer in Cocoon which

>support this fomat. 

We'll be there soon.


>I think your idea is just what I am looking for, which can be applied

>more generally and make the transform more easily.




>Will the graph/chart/plot formatting also be included? Say, I already

>had a desired format which I want to draw the plot using the


We've no plans so far to support this (though I've no plans not to support
it either).  This will probably be an area where we'll simply welcome
contributions.  Mainly because I've not used Excel for this particular
pupose in a number of years so coming up with a reasonable abstraction may
be difficult.  I'll check in my docs and see if its covered sufficiently for
me to spec something basic out.

We will not be aiming to support Pivot Tables for near certain as they are
not documented at all.  (though marc might be able to work magic with that
one if he gets bored)...  Also I'm not convinced that they are particularly


>>CocoonSerializer (and maybe a transformer, I'm not sure)


>As far as I understanded, all the tansform can be done before the final

>serialization(through XSLT).

Yeah, I'm still fuzzy.  Thats what I think as well.


>I am not fomilar with the Ole stuffs, so I would like to do something

>like writting the transform StyleSheet, and of cause the testing.


Alright, I'll let you know when we get to that point.  

>>XML -> StyleSheet1  -> StyleSheet2 -> Cocoon -> CocooonSerializer->



>>What should be the XML language.  Currently my thoughts are this (for


>>final transformed data before it is serialized):



>>  <name>MyWorkbook</name>

>>  <sheet number="1" name="Stuff">

>>    <column-header column="1">Stuff</column-header>

>>    <row number="1">

>>      <column number="1">My Stuff</column>

>>    </row>

>    <row number="2">

>>      <column number="2"><formula>??formula stuff??</formula></column>

>>    </row>

>>  </sheet>


>><stylebook name="sheet1style">

>>    <style>

>>         <name>redtext</name>

>>         <format>text</format>

>>         <bgcolor>Red</format>

>>         <fgcolor>black</format>

>    </style>



>>  <apply-style>

>>         <name>sheet1style</name>

>>         <workbook-name>MyWorkbook</workbook-name>

>>  </apply-style>



>>   <apply-style>

>>       <name>redtext</name>

>>       <range>

>>         <from>

>>           <row>1</row>

>>           <col>1</col>

>         </from>

>>         <to>

>>           <row>1</row>

>>           <col>10</col> 

>>         </to>

>>   </apply-style>




>>Obviously this is "draft" and "concept".  Obviously I'd need a root


>>and a namespace, but you get the picture.  Would this be a good way for


>>(I'm trying to keep "formatting stuff" like colors/drawing/etc out of




>If this is the final transformed data before the serialization, then I

>think the formatting stuffs should also be inculded. Otherwise, there is

>no big difference between the tranformed xml file from the original data

>xml file. Or you want to use a separate stylesheet to specify all the


That is the "just before it becomes binary" version of the XML..  You might
put out 

  <name> name </name>

But you'll use a stylesheet to get it into row/column data and either the
same sheet or another to attach formatting.  (colors/lines/etc).  For our
first cut we'll probably not do borders and "frills", aiming mostly to do
data and formulas.  Later we'll add the borders.  The idea is that you have
data and you attach styling to it independantly.  

>>I haven't decided what to do about formulas at all (whether to come up


>>an abstraction or not since most spreadsheets use the about same



>>In the end goal the pre-serialized XML should be non-excel specific


>>I should be able to plug in a StarOffice spreadsheet serializer without

>>changing the tag language)..


>This should be a right direction. There can be some configuration to

>specify the exact spreadsheet. 





>>(And we probably won't actually use "name=" parameter style stuff, but


>>was easier to type).  





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