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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: [C2.1] Performance and Startup times
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2001 14:45:41 GMT
On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Stuart Roebuck wrote:

> I appreciate this is a very unscientific question, but:  how are people
> finding the performance of the current C2 or C2.1 release of Cocoon 2,
> particularly with regard to startup times and compared with earlier C2
> releases and C1?

startup times are slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow for the sitemap
compilation and the component initializations. after that, performance is
fast, much much faster than c1.

> I think one of the big delays is the initialisation of multiple pool
> components?  Is lazy initialisation / loading a desirable and feasible
> option?

_something_ to improve startup times would be nice.

> I'm running on Mac OS X which also has its performance quirks, so it may
> be more a platform issue than anything else, but I'm currently having to
> wait up to 10 minutes just to get things running.

yow. i only have to wait 30-45 seconds to get everything cooking after
restarting tomcat.

- donald

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