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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: [RT] Alternative Solution to XSP
Date Sat, 23 Jun 2001 03:02:11 GMT
On Fri, 22 Jun 2001, giacomo wrote:

> > How do we come back and reclaim our right to separate MVC+Mgmt?
> > One solution is that we implement SLL (does everyone remember
> > that?) and use SLL for tag libraries.  This will allow us to
> > remove code from our model.
> This is why I have proposed to extend the XSP engine to allow to apply a
> XSLT stylesheet to a logicsheet befor it is entered into the XSP engine
> for use. This would make it fexible enough to have a filter for invalid
> stuff at a granularity of an attribute. Or to make higher level markup
> languages like SLL which gets transformed into a usual XSP logicsheet.

and that might be an okay technique, but i dunno, i think it smacks of
Hammer Syndrome (when all you have is a hammer...) now we're talking about
preprocessing xsp logicsheets with other stylesheets. this system is going
to be messy to write and debug - both the engine and the sheets. witness
the current xsp logicsheet application bugs that no one's tracked down

> The toolkit it's only able to generate business objects from a subset of
> XSchema definitions so far but it suites my needs for now. Today I use
> that toolkit to enable a C2 app to talk to browsers as well as to SOAP
> client offering the same services using the same logic pieces. It uses
> CORBA services in the backend which also get converted/deconverted from
> and to those business objects to and out of the usual Structs CORBA idls
> definitions generate. The system uses specific adapters to convert a
> request into a general request business object. Every
> logic/service/manipulations are made on these business objects. The
> steps are chained using Actions. When it comes to need to serilaize
> objects onto a SAX Stream its a matter of getting the serializer from
> the ComponentManager and send it down the pipeline where it is
> transformed depending on the original requesting client type. The
> serializers don't need to use reflections because they business objects
> can tell the serializers what to do.

sounds like an interesting technique. how do you insert the business
objects into the cocoon sax pipeline? e.g. from an xsp page, a generator,
a transformer, what?

- donald

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