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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: [C2] jar files
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 21:50:58 GMT
On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Piroumian, Konstantin wrote:

> > Hi all,
> >
> > I've been looking at the jar files which C2 uses and I've some questions
> (no
> > surprise there ;)...
> >
> > I'm creating a webapp which *only* serves XML.  No SVG, jpg, pdf, just
> XML.
> > So I was looking to see which jar's I can remove and wondered if a
> document
> > which stated something along the lines of jar XXX is required for the
> > functionality YYY, ZZZ etc... would be useful?  It would certainly cut
> down
> > the size of my war file and accelerate load times although the largest by
> > far is javac.
> I'm faced the same problem. From what I leart I can give an approximate list
> of jars that you need for "minimal Cocoon" only, please correct me, if
> anything is incorrect:
> avalon-excalibur.jar [Avalon Excalibur]
> avalon-framework.jar [Avalon framework]
> cocoon-2.1-dev.jar [Cocoon engine]
> dom2.jar [W3C DOM interfaces]
> jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar [Regular expressions lib]
> jstyle.jar [jStyle] - not sure that this jar is necessary, but it's used
> somewhere inside Cocoon
> logkit-1.0b2.jar [apache LogKit]
> maybeupload.jar [File upload support] - this jar is required for HTML
> serialization.
> velocity-1.1-rc1.jar - it contains an additional class from LogKit (see
> below)
> xalan_2_2.jar - you know (can be replaced by other XSLT transformer)
> xerces1_4_0.jar - you know this too (this can be replaced by another parser,
> isn't it?)
> >
> > Also, and this is prob directed to the wrong people, why does the velocity
> > jar include so many other apache projects?  Shouldn't the jar files for
> them
> > be included seperately so they can be kept upto date?  For example I can
> see
> > jakarta-commons/collections, jakarta-avalon-logkit and jakarta-oro.  I do
> > wonder if this is the case with any others...?
> About the velocity I have the same question. What is it for and why does it
> contain LogKit and more over, it contains an extra
> org.apache.log.output.ServletOutputLogTarget.class which is absent in the
> separate LogKit jar.
> >
> > Note that logkit is included as a separate jar and only the alphabetical
> > order of names keeps new functionality in front of velocity old.
> But Cocoon doesn't work without the velocity lib, because it uses the
> ServletOutputLogTarget class.

This must be stated as an error. The ServletOutputLogTarget is located
in the jakarta-avalon-logkit repository. Unfortunately the 1.0b2 build
didn't have it included. I'll fix that from a CVS version of logkit.

The velocity jars should not be necessairy. A patch for the build.xml
file to build C2 consistently with out velocity (or any other
unnecessairy jars like fop+jimi, batik, etc).

One approach is to remove a jar and see which classes don't compile. If
they are none of the core classes then it should be possible to patch
the build.xml file to exclude those sources if the aforementioned jar is
not present.


> >
> > Thoughts?
> I think that a list with explanation of every jar in C2 will be very useful.
> I don't know, e.g., what are they Axis jars for? C2 works without them and
> can render XML.
> >
> > J.
> Regards,
>     Konstantin Piroumian.
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