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From giacomo <>
Subject RE: [C2] docs: draft on matchers and selectors
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2001 17:44:04 GMT
On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Seth Ladd wrote:

> > I have written down what I was able to figure out on matchers and
> > selectors. Please comment. Especially, if you happen to have
> > implemented this stuff :-)
> Thanks very much!  I've been spending the last few days researching all of
> this in preparation for implementation.  I think what we want is a
> combination of Actions (to generate more values in the Map) and XSP for
> generation.
> I have a quick question.  Can XSP pages see and take advantage of the Map
> that is returned from the Action?

No, they can't, except you know whats in the Map so you can pass the
values as parameters to the XSP page.


> This concept of the Map (and the
> objectModel) is some of the last pieces that I'm still trying to wrap my
> head around.

The objectModel is used to pass environmental specific component/objects
to the sitemap components (Actions, Genrators, Transformer, Matcher,
Selectors). This way any Environment could be implemented and pass
specific stuff down to the sitemap components.


> Thanks again, your document really helped.
> Seth
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