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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: [RT] Alternative Solution to XSP
Date Sun, 24 Jun 2001 16:42:22 GMT
On Sun, 24 Jun 2001, Piroumian, Konstantin wrote:

> Hi!
> <skip>
> > > sounds like an interesting technique. how do you insert the business
> > > objects into the cocoon sax pipeline? e.g. from an xsp page, a
> generator,
> > > a transformer, what?
> >
> > From an XSP page:
> >
> >   <page>
> >     <xsp:logic>
> >       Unmarshaller.unmarshal(this.contentHandler, businessObj);
> >     </xsp:logic>
> >   </page>
> So, you might have some mapping between businessObj and resulting XML? Do
> you use something like Exolab's Castor for that or you have implemented your
> own technic? Marshalling and unmarshalling requires heavy usage of
> reflection API and it's not very effective for the performance.

No, we use XML Schema to describe our business objects whereas Castor
uses its own format. And no, our toollkit doesn't need reflection
because the generated business objects contains all information needed
to be serialized in a performant way.

> XMLizable interface can be better in some cases - when the object itself
> knows how to represent itself in XML format, but it requires more work with
> every object and is more difficult to maintain it - changing a name of an
> attribute will require recompilation of the object.

That's what a toolkit should be able to do. Generate the
XMLizable methods as well out from the XML Schema definition.

> It seems that problems are alsmost the same everywhere, as well as the
> solutions... :)

Do you still think so?


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