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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: Caching design issue
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 05:16:19 GMT
On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Michael Hartle wrote:

> Hello all,
> while having a deep look into Cocoon-2 for using it in commercial
> projects, I found 2 issues that robbed my sleep... ;)
> - Using the <util:cacheable/>-tag suggests that an XSP page with this
> tag may be set up as cacheable; the stylesheet
> org/apache/cocoon/components/language/markup/xsp/java/util.xsl turns
> this tag into a function called "isCacheable(Request)"; I used a
> brute-force grep over the whole source tree, but I could not find any
> call to this function, so it seems this is currently sort of deprecated.
> - Using <map:match type="regexp" pattern="..."> and
> <map:parameter>-tags, I made an XSP-page which takes the parameters and
> generates SVG for navigational images, effectively turning a URI like
> /image/navigation/black/white/Cocoon%202.jpg into an JPEG image with a
> black "Cocoon 2" text on a white background; it worked perfectly,
> changing the colors or the text changes the resulting images. Sadly, the
> caching performance is nonexistant, as there is just one cached stream
> result per pipeline instead of one cached stream result per URL per
> pipeline; I am currently looking for easy ways to resolve this design
> issue and I would be happy to hear any ideas.

XSP are by default NOT cacheable. I wasn't aware of the fact that the
util logicsheet has a cacheable element. I've made a caching logicsheet
some weeks ago (need to search it again) but not tested very well but we
can give it a try. So, I'll commit that logicsheet into the repo very
soon and let you play with it.


> Best regards,
> Michael
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