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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: [C2] comments on SQLTransformer in HEAD branch
Date Sat, 23 Jun 2001 16:42:27 GMT
> hi,
> Carsten, "recylce" method was indeed a typo, if I am not mistaken it was
> already corrected in v1.6 of the original SQLTransformer, but I must
> missed the report in the mailing list, thanks for changing it again.
> Vadim, till now, I didn't have any real troubles and the new
> SQLTransformer worked fine for me, but i saw that there were indeed
> problems with the connection, that was why i asked to review that part
> the code, thanks for that.
> Can you describe me how you tested it? 

I just found that sql-page does not work after 3-4 infocations.
Then, when I removed conn.isClosed(), everything works fine even
after 30-40 invokations, which means that connections are being returned
as they should. Also, I cleaned up excessive query.close() statements,
leaving only one in finally block after query.execute().

> I mean, did you do more than just check the cocoon.log to compare the
> amount of the "retrieving connection" and the "returning
> connection" entries?

No, did not try the log :)

> thnx,
> Sven


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