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Subject new request taglib, logicsheet documentation
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2001 00:22:01 GMT
Cocoon developers:

I've attached two new documentation pages and diffs for site-book.xml and
docs-book.xml.  The diffs are against the Cocoon 1.8.2 distribution.

The two new docs are 1) logicsheet documentation (what they are, how to use
them, how to write your own) and 2) documentation on the Request logicsheet
(taglib).  The Request documentation has a slight kludge; I used a table to
list all of the tags defined by the logicsheet, but there is no way that I
could find to prevent wrapping of the tag names in a table using the
document-v10.dtd.  So I put in a long and unbroken string in that column at
the bottom of the table to prevent wrapping.  I tried using –, which
is a defined entity in the DTD, but the build always turned them into
question marks.  If anyone has a fix, please let me know and I'll be glad
to resubmit a fixed version of the documentation.

I am not subscribed to the cocoon-dev list, so if you have any questions,
please e-mail me directly.  Thanks.


Christopher Painter-Wakefield |
Duke University Medical Center     |  Voice: 919-403-3921
Box 3908, Durham, NC 27710    |  Fax:   919-403-3900

(See attached file: site-book.xml.diff)(See attached file: docs-book.xml.diff)(See attached
file: logicsheet.xml)(See attached file: request.xml)
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