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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject [C2]: Beta 1 - It's there....
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 10:52:14 GMT
Hi Cocooners!

Finally we did it! I just put the distribution of the beta 1
into /www/

The distribution is signed with my public key which is included
in the KEYS file of the distribution. I also published the key
to ldap://

Could someone verify that the distribution files are alright
and properly signed?

So, congratulations to the C2 developer team and all "submitters,
testers, patchers, critics etc"!

Lets keep on this great work and spread the news!

Now the CVS stuff:
- I tagged the beta with cocoon_20_b1
- I checked in the build.xml with the new version 2.1-dev
- I made a branch of cocoon_20_b1 with the name cocoon_20
- I checked in the build.xml with the new version 2.0b1-dev under
  the branch cocoon_20_branch.
So the HEAD is the 2.1 version and the 2.0 is a branch.

PS: And here follows the fun part for all of you interested in
    building a distribution....

Now, some problems I had with building the distribution:
1. I had no public pgp key suitable for signing the dist....
   So I had to create a new one.
2. Operations on daedalus are slow
   I used my own machine instead and had to transfer the 
   files (Beforehand I had to install the jdk 1.2.2)
3. The build docs is not working on daedalus. The build
   ends with an exception telling that a lib (I think it
   was is missing.
   Perhaps someone could check this?

So at the end no real problems at all....(until now at least)
What's next?


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