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From Stuart Roebuck <>
Subject [C2.1] Performance and Startup times
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2001 18:39:59 GMT
I appreciate this is a very unscientific question, but:  how are people 
finding the performance of the current C2 or C2.1 release of Cocoon 2, 
particularly with regard to startup times and compared with earlier C2 
releases and C1?

I think one of the big delays is the initialisation of multiple pool 
components?  Is lazy initialisation / loading a desirable and feasible 

I'm running on Mac OS X which also has its performance quirks, so it may 
be more a platform issue than anything else, but I'm currently having to 
wait up to 10 minutes just to get things running.


Stuart Roebuck                        
Lead Developer                               Java, XML, MacOS X, XP, etc.
ADOLOS                                           <>

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