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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: [C2]: Updating ToDo list
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2001 08:24:35 GMT
Quoting Carsten Ziegeler <>:

> Hello,
> I think we should update our ToDo list for the next beta.
> There are currently the following points in the ToDo list:
> 1.
>    Reloading of jar-files.
>    The class-path for the Cocoon-Servlet is only build once when the
> servlet
>    is initialised. If you want to deploy other jar files you have to
> restart
>    the servlet. A reloading of the Cocoon is not sufficient. This is not
>    very convenient. Suggestion: When Cocoon is reloaded (a new cocoon
> instance
>    is created then) the classpath is rebuild and used.
> Do we want to have this in C2.0?

You mean in 2.0 or 2.1? If we can make that happen for the next beta than +1.

> 2.
>    Make the evaluation/application of logicsheets in the XSP system
> reliable
>    and usable without hassle to the logicsheet programmer
> Is this still a valid point?

I cannot remember what the issue to this ToDo was.

> 3.
>    Implement content aggregation at the sitemap level.
> I think, we could remove this, as Giacomo did it.


> 4.
>    Implement transparent content aggregation at the pipeline level.
> As we agreed to skip the transparent ca we should also remove this
> point.


> Now there are three more points to add, I think:
> 1. Making cocoon: urls work


> 2. Remove the transparent CA

+1 as above

> 3. Make the X/C Include Transformers work (If they are not doing it
> already)


> Did I forget something?

- make the automatic announcement system working (I don't know 
  the status). The building blocks are in CVS but I don't know 
  how reliable it is working.

- There are still some issues with sub sitemaps. Components 
  defined in a sub sitemap are not accessible. 

And there are probably more ToDos.


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