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From Beauprez Sven <>
Subject C2: extended SQLTransformer
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2001 08:16:09 GMT


I rewritten some parts of and added some new features to the SQLTransformer.
Overall there were too many changes to make a diff, so i posted the complete
source file and also a txt with some explanation.
The biggest change is that it now uses prepared and callable statements.
The biggest addition is that you can use stored procedures also.

There are 2 parts i am not sure of:
- i commented out lines 213 and 252:
	213: this.contentHandler.startPrefixMapping("",my_uri);
	252: this.contentHandler.endPrefixMapping("");
  i don't think they are needed
- i commented out lines 911-914 because the connection is closed for sure in
the execute() method

Please test it and feel free to add it to cocoon2


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