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From Peter Royal <>
Subject request: make XSP pages Initializable
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 18:42:01 GMT
I'd like to propose making the XSPGenerator class implement the avalon 
Initializable lifestyle interface. Since XSPGenerator has no specific use 
for this interface, it would just have an empty method.

It would be useful for pre computing and caching information that is static 
for a given XSP page.

And to throw in my two cents regarding XSP's and the separation of 
concerns, I'm finding XSP's to be a joy to work with. I'm following the 
recommended design of keeping all the java code in the logicsheet and it is 
working out very well. I have not found debugging to be difficult at all, 
of course I'm sure that is proportional to the complexity of one's logicsheets.

For my problem domain, application form design, I find XSP to be the 
perfect solution. Kudos.

peter royal ->
managing partners, inc. ->

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