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From Jose de Zarate <>
Subject [C2] Is an FpAction recommended in C2?
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2001 22:11:45 GMT
    Hi everybody.

      For the first thing to say: I don't know exactly if this is the apropiatte (ouch, sorry
for the bad english) mail list to send a mail like this to, but I've been
fighting hard against C2 and, although I can foresee the magic world that opens up with
cocoon2 (much greater than with cocoon1), I've found very difficult to
start working with it "from scratch". That's because I want C2 to run as a highly
configurable-modular web server for an Intranet, and I also find it necessary to work
with almost all the features of C2. (actions, aggregation, multiple transformations,
modularized construction of a web page for each request, etc).
    Of course, at the end I'm swimming into the source code for almost everything, and that's
why I'm posting this email to the "dev" maillist.

    The first question I'd like to ask is about implementing some kind of "fpaction". I think
that the natural translation of the fptaglib is to an action, but it seems like
there is not too much interest on it. ¿Is there any project on that direction? If not, ¿Is
there any alternative way of writing/modifying/deleting nodes on an xml file with the
"standard" C2 tools? xml - driven administrative webpages (instead of database-driven) seems
like a good approach for small sites, and It could be useful to be able to handle xml files
like a "database". If it seem like a good component for your little son (C2, I mean), I may
try to implement some action that way.

    Now comes the second question (and please excuse again the long letter and the -maybe-
wrong sending to this maillist) is:
I would like to start developing in Cocoon2 but it's so big I don't know exactly how to handle
all the source code. I'm experienced with servlet,jsp and taglibs tecnology, and i have basic
knowledge on xml parsing. Which are the basic things should I start for? ¿deep avalon? ¿is
there any draft with the architecture of c2 that could be readed for the first deep
understanding? You know, it's hard to find documentation on C2  :)

    Well, txs for the reading, and bye!

    Jose de Zarate
    ---madrid, spain ----

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