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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Why WebApp programming is harder than necessary with C2
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2001 18:36:13 GMT
There is one point in the webapp that makes WebApp developing
more difficult than necessary in Cocoon2.  This has to do with
redirects.  I was originally for not allowing redirects for
generators, transformers, and especially serializers.  However,
I always tried to advocate leaving that ability in Actions.
As a result, we have our Sitemap handle too many concerns.
NEVER should the sitemap handle WebApp LOGIC.  I don't mind
having it specify the Actions to use, or even rearrange their
order.  I do mind that I have to do some serious fenangling
with sitemap parameters and dynamic logic to embed program
logic in the sitemap.

I propose to allow the Environment object to be passed to
Actions in the objectModel.  That way, Actions can still do
redirects--easing program development.  This also simplifies
the site administrators duties in that they no longer have
to know the gory details of how the program logic works.
All the time, it also removes the ability for the other
sitemap components to perform redirects.

The current programming model is too restrictive--and I have
to do true HACKS to get around it.  I have a program to
release to a customer soon, and it would really simplify my
life if I can handle site security and redirects conveniently
in Actions.

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