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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: [Patch][C2.1] sitemap redirections + target spec
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 07:23:07 GMT
On 20.Jun.2001 -- 09:26 PM, giacomo wrote:
> Why not as "{target}"? And why not substitutable?

Just thought "{1}" is more common. OK, that's probably because the
wildcard matcher is the most common one. Sure I can change it to

What do you mean by "not substitutable"? It is done by adding a new
map to the listOfMaps that contains just one pair, key "target", value
"value of attribute 'target'". What else could be substitutable?

> > The patch allows to redirect to a common definition for
> > transformation. So those two different concerns are separated, even if
> > they live in the same file. Since resources from ancestor sitemaps can
> > be accessed, this could be split up to that resources are only defined
> > in the top level sitemap.
> I don't like the fact that sub sitemap refers to parent ones.
> Admittedly sub sitemap already refers to
> sitemap components defined in the parent sitemap. But also Berin
> proposed to move them out of the sitemap right into the cocoon.xconf
> file (where all components are collected anyway).

Mmmh, yes. But since Cocoon is about separating concerns and here two
aspects meet in the same file although separated within this file,
this would be a way to split it up cleanly. Have common definitions in
a parent sitemap and do special things in children. After all it is
very likely that the application designer is a different person than
the style designer.

Anyway this was meant to say that I don't feel strong urge to separate
these two aspects into different files but think that is is OK the way
it is.


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