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From Frans Thamura <>
Subject Blue Oxygen - Cimande Project using Cocoon 1.82
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2001 09:19:49 GMT
Dear All,

I create a content management system using XSP, the
XML descriptor (I called this content descriptor) can
generate HTML form, try it. It is work in several
computer. I need a lot of contributor to test this.
This will be a serious project for me.

I need your feedback of my idea (XML based Content
Management System), and may be this can contribute
open source project, esp cocoon.

This script support
- Session. Thanks for tips in mailing list and the
sample of this session.
- 1 XSP with 2 XSL, I try 2 XSP, but performance drop.
Still question. XSP is not component development. See
my file descriptor.xsp.xml in directory xsl in my
- Support upload, but using jspSmartUpload ( I will
move to maybeupload or any opensource project -- need
help also).
- access to MySQL JDBC 2.04

- not support cocoon 2.1-dev, because I still cannot
install cocoon 2.1-dev. Help!!!

You can download the source code (free).. in my web
site, in, and email me for question and

I need your feedback, because I still cannot used
eqsl, and database polling (I create my own database
layer bean). I don't know how to use Turbine in my

Sorry this is not pure XSP, several of the script is
still using JSP, because I still got a lot of problem,
and need help to solve that.

But, I think this is good sample of complex XSP.

Have a nice day.


Frans Thamura

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