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From "Piroumian, Konstantin" <>
Subject Re: [C2] jar files
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2001 12:05:56 GMT
> Hi all,
> I've been looking at the jar files which C2 uses and I've some questions
> surprise there ;)...
> I'm creating a webapp which *only* serves XML.  No SVG, jpg, pdf, just
> So I was looking to see which jar's I can remove and wondered if a
> which stated something along the lines of jar XXX is required for the
> functionality YYY, ZZZ etc... would be useful?  It would certainly cut
> the size of my war file and accelerate load times although the largest by
> far is javac.

I'm faced the same problem. From what I leart I can give an approximate list
of jars that you need for "minimal Cocoon" only, please correct me, if
anything is incorrect:

avalon-excalibur.jar [Avalon Excalibur]
avalon-framework.jar [Avalon framework]
cocoon-2.1-dev.jar [Cocoon engine]
dom2.jar [W3C DOM interfaces]
jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar [Regular expressions lib]
jstyle.jar [jStyle] - not sure that this jar is necessary, but it's used
somewhere inside Cocoon
logkit-1.0b2.jar [apache LogKit]
maybeupload.jar [File upload support] - this jar is required for HTML
velocity-1.1-rc1.jar - it contains an additional class from LogKit (see
xalan_2_2.jar - you know (can be replaced by other XSLT transformer)
xerces1_4_0.jar - you know this too (this can be replaced by another parser,
isn't it?)

> Also, and this is prob directed to the wrong people, why does the velocity
> jar include so many other apache projects?  Shouldn't the jar files for
> be included seperately so they can be kept upto date?  For example I can
> jakarta-commons/collections, jakarta-avalon-logkit and jakarta-oro.  I do
> wonder if this is the case with any others...?

About the velocity I have the same question. What is it for and why does it
contain LogKit and more over, it contains an extra
org.apache.log.output.ServletOutputLogTarget.class which is absent in the
separate LogKit jar.

> Note that logkit is included as a separate jar and only the alphabetical
> order of names keeps new functionality in front of velocity old.

But Cocoon doesn't work without the velocity lib, because it uses the
ServletOutputLogTarget class.

> Thoughts?

I think that a list with explanation of every jar in C2 will be very useful.
I don't know, e.g., what are they Axis jars for? C2 works without them and
can render XML.

> J.

    Konstantin Piroumian.

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