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From "kesha" <>
Subject javax.sql.DataSource
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2001 19:27:30 GMT
Hi guys,

I've tried to deploy cocoon into WL 6.0 server and use DataSource as a jdbc
Connection factory. Doing that, I've found a couple of bugs. Could anybody
to commit the following changes into CVS:

1. cocoon.roles, role name
"org.apache.avalon.excalibur.datasource.DataSourceComponentSelector". The
hint for j2ee points to the wrong class name. Insteed of
"org.apache.avalon.excalibur.datasource.J2eeDataSource" it points to
2. esql.xsl. In case when a connection is obtained from DataSource one
should not invoke setAutoCommit() method. Otherwise SQLException will be
thrown. Looking at esql.xsl, I've found that you catch any exceptions thrown
by this method but you rethrow RuntimeException which is incorrect. I don't
think you should throw any exception in this exception handler. See esql.xsl
line 362.

After this changes I was able to deploy my app without any problems. Good
work guys!!!


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