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From Jörg Prante <>
Subject Re: [RT] Alternative Solution to XSP
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 23:04:20 GMT
Donald Ball wrote:

> [...] you also have to restart the web server to
> add a new xsp logicsheet! under my proposed scheme, you can still add
> pages with dynamic elements to the system without having to restart the
> web server, just like with xsp pages. it's only if you add a new dynamic
> element handler (transformer) to the system that you'd need to restart the
> web server.

Donald, it would be so great to see a method how to extend Cocoon 
functionalities without having to restart the web server. 

I still do not fully understand why XSP pages can be compiled every time they 
change while XSP logicsheets can not. This is a great issue since it costs 
much time during XSP development process. The different roles of XSP 
logicsheets and of XSP pages can mix too much.

I thought about it, maybe the XSP logicsheets could be modified to be 
re-compilable at run time, or at least, parts of them could be marked for 
re-compilation at sitemap initialization time. But that sounds really hard to 
do in the end.

People really like to write XML code, say <my:menu select="default"/>, and 
then want to write hooks to that element, my:menu, say "public class MyMenu 
implements XMLizable { ... }", then implementing the body and so on. 
Following this approach, it should be possible to define in Cocoon

- where to put the xml-izable Java code into the webapp and how to name the 
code. My suggestion is to propose some naming conventions for that purpose. 
The Java class name should somehow correspond to the XML element name.

- how to refresh Cocoon to make the system immediately aware of the 
implementational changes. The web server should not be restarted at all.

That would make Cocoon 2 a great intuitive tool for XML/Java hacking ;-)


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