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From "gerhard" <>
Subject [C2] cache explanation
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2001 11:24:28 GMT
here is an translation of a priavte email discussiion between
Carsten and me. This is short explanation how the caching
executes under Coocon2. I hope the german -> english
translation is not to bad :-)

Here it is:
    Responsible for the caching are the CachingPipelines. 
    When a sitemap is processed, this classes asking every 
    sitemap component (generator, transformer,serializer) 
    if they are cachable. If the component is cachable, it 
    has to provide one key and one ValidityObject.
    Now the CachingPipeline builds from this provided keys 
    one unique key for the pipeline and memorizes every 
    ValidityObjects. The cache (interface EventCache/StreamCache)
    only stores CachedEventObjects and CachedStreamObjects. 
    The key for those object is calculated one from the 

I'm sorry that I'm participate no lively this days. I've a much
stress in paid work. The deadline comes closer :-). As soon
as possible I will start with my todo's!


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