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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: Sitemap Substitution
Date Tue, 22 May 2001 23:01:30 GMT
On Mon, 21 May 2001, Jason Foster wrote:

> This message will probably reveal my ignorance more than anything, but
> here goes...
> Right now a common idiom in the sitemap is to substitute values from
> previous activities.  A simple example is:
>    <map:match pattern="images/**.gif">
>     <map:read src="resources/images/{1}.gif" mime-type="image/gif"/>
>    </map:match>
> We also have the ability to nest things using the {../../1} notation.
> Now that matchers and actions can both add things to the
> [environment/actionMap/controller thingy] I can see all sorts of namespace
> problems developing.
> Would it make sense to add the notion of an axis (sort of like XPath) to
> the substitution?  For example:
>   {action::result}
>   {request::password}
>   {session::userid}
>   {match::1}

that's an interesting idea. the only thing that i can think if that
worries me is the possibility that it's going to break the cache system.
can you give a concrete example of a sitemap in which you'd need multiple

> As usual this idea comes from my attempts to use Actions to control the
> flow through my webapp.  I have been trying to understand exactly how to
> implement control flow logic and have become more and more confused.

me too.

- donald

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