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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: [c2] simple question on map:redirect-to semantics
Date Sun, 20 May 2001 20:09:41 GMT
On Sat, 19 May 2001, giacomo wrote:

> Ok, lets nail it down. What is the semantic of the <map:redirect-to>
> element?
> a) you can use the resource="resource-name" attribute to break out of
>    the evaluation sequence into a predefined pipeline arragement.
> b) you can use the uri="another-uri" attribute to let the environment
>    decide how to handle it by using the redirect method a concrete
>    Environment has to implement for the sitemap.
> Now, a) is in the concern of the sitemap while b) is in the concern of
> the environment. The term uri is something that I don't like very much
> because if you imagine you have written a concrete Environment for lets
> say Apache James (Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server) what is the
> semantic of the uri= attribute there. Is it a bounce to say "this
> address isn't in use anymore, please use the address ${uri}"? Or is it
> forwarding the message to the address mentioned in the uri attribute?
> And what sense does it makes naming this attribute "uri" in a
> JamesEnvironment. But since I've no good alternative for an other name
> better suited to abstract that meaning of the uri attribute lets keep it
> as it is.
> Speaking so we need to define how the concrete HttpEnvironment
> interprets the string specified in the uri attribute for different
> contexts the system is in.
>                root-sitemap  sub-sitemap      sub-sub-sitemap
> uri: foo/bar   /ctx/foo/bar  /ctx/sub/foo/bar /ctx/sub1/sub2/foo/bar
> uri: /foo/bar  /ctx/foo/bar  /ctx/foo/bar     /ctx/foo/bar
> uri: //foo/bar /foo/bar      /foo/bar         /foo/bar
> A question remaining is "how do I specify in the sub-sub-sitemap a uri
> for the sub-sitemap". Well either with ../foo/bar or with /sub1/foo/bar.
> I don't like using a already used protocol specifier like context://
> because it already has a semantic like "pointing into the file system
> structure at the Environments root contexts". Using it in the uri
> attribute will change that semantic "pointing into the uri space
> structure at the Environments root uri space".

okay, let me rephrase what you're saying so that i can see if i understand
it. you're saying that a context:// uri does not point to the root of the
entire c2 webapp, but rather the root of the current sitemap. correct?
that's fine. how about adding support for a webapp:// protocol instead
then? i personally don't care _what_ the syntax is, i just need some way
to point to the root of my webapp...! _without_ relying on ../../.. -
that's hard for me to parse and it doesn't work for pipelines that might
match more than one directory component (using **, for instance).

- donald

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