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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: Issues left for going beta
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 16:36:33 GMT
On Thu, 17 May 2001, Giacomo Pati wrote:

> The discussion and voting about moving the <parameter> element into
> the map namespace will block the beta release until it's done because
> this is a change of the sitemap syntax/semantic and we cannot do it
> afterward because it will break backward compatability. I know that it
> will not be a trivial change to whoever will patch the sitemap.xsl
> file because of some code optimation done there based on namespace
> tests (see my recent response to Marcus Crafters question about those
> tests).

i'd say wait on doing the beta release until we've decided and implemented
this, but i don't think issuing a beta should tie our hands in regards to
changing sitemap semantics. we should consider changes carefully and
reluctantly, to be sure, but i don't think we should consider the sitemap
namespace _final_ until we issue a production release.

> Another issue is the production of the dists. I've made some test
> yesterday evening and found that it is very huge (about 18M). After
> analysing it I've seen that the source dist has all the jar twice in
> it. Once int the ./lib and once in the ./webapp/WEB-INF/lib directory.
> How can/Should we reduce it?


> Also there is no "binary dist" target in the build.xml yet. Well, this
> might not be a issue for the beta-1 release.

not so much.

> A few week/month ago we discussed about standardizing the namespaces
> we use in C2. The general pattern we agreed upon was:
> Where APPLICATION is either "cocoon" for cocoon centric applications
> or "xsp"  for logicsheets, FOOBAR is the name of the application
> concern and VERSION is another pattern describing the version of the
> application in the form major.minor which are both positive integers.
> There have been ports of logicsheets from C1 which don't respect this
> normation. Should we change those namespaces to the pattern above or
> have new ones (with similar or equal functionallity) sometimes after
> going beta?

change the namespaces, except for esql, which is a special case since the
namespace is in use elsewhere.

> So, your comments and votes :)

i vote early next week. after that, people need to get serious with the

- donald

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