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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: [C2]: Final list for beta
Date Sun, 27 May 2001 10:01:04 GMT

Here we are to see how the issues are:

On Fri, 18 May 2001, Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

> I think we agreed on the following changes:
> 1. map namespace for parameters (changes the sitemap definition)
>    Volunteer: Sylvain
>    Finished : 22rd May


> 2. Optional SAXConnectors (changes internal content aggregation)
>    Volunteer: Carsten
>    Finished : 23rd May


> 3. Redesign of the EntityResolver/URL handling
>    (changes the pipeline components interface)
>    Volunteer: Carsten
>    Finished : 23rd of May (hopefully)

done (?)

> 4. Remove the X/CIncludeSAXConnectors and make transformers
>    Volunteer:
>    Finished :
>    This transformers are not really required for the beta, I think

outstanding, not relevant for beta (?)

> 5. Parameters for Matchers/Selectors (I think there was no vote "-1")
>    (changes the pipeline components interface)
>    Volunteer :
>    Finished  :


> 6. Change the Namespace for the taglibs to the standard
>    Volunteer :
>    Finished  :


> 7. Administration tasks for making the release
>    Here we should collect what has to be done.

This should be discussed. My questions (still) are:

- how should the dist be structured?

  As I've already explained the build target "dist" has all the jars
  twice in final tgz/zip file this is a duplication amount of about 8MB

- how should further development take place concerning cvs tagging

       +- V2_0B1
       !+- V2_1_dev
-------+---------------------------+--------------> HEAD
       !                           A
       !   +- V2_0B2  +- V2_0RC1   ! Join
       !   V          V            !
       +---+----------+------------+ V2_0

       +- V2_0B1  +- V2_0B2  +- V2_0RC1  +- V2_0
       V          V          V           V
-------+----------+----------+-----------++-------> HEAD
       !                                  A
       !                                  ! Join
       !                                  !
       +----------------------------------+ v2_1_dev

       +- BETA1   +- BETA2   +- RC1   +- REL_2_0
       V          V          V        V
-------+----------+----------+--------+-----------> HEAD

Comments to the variations above:

a) The advantage of a this approach is that 2.1 development can
   start as soon as the beta1 is out. The disadvantage is that we have
   to deal with a separate branch for the 2.0 release.

b) This is the revers of a). The head branch is always in synch with the
   latest announced release and 2.1 development starts on a separate
   branch instead on the head branch.

c) The advantage of this approach is its simple straight way of release
   handling. On the other hand development of a 2.1 release can not be
   started until the 2.0 release is out.

> As far as I know this is it. Or did I miss something?

I'd like to have at least our own samples to work correctly for a beta.
After testing all samples and browsing through the log I have some
suggestions/corrections to discuss:

- can we comment out the force-load element in the web.xml deployment
  descriptor to reduce the number of exceptions thrown (even if it's
  only a WARN).

- can we make Batik act nicer? It's throwing alot of Exceptions which
  might be because it was not designed to run in a server/servlet
  environment or we use it the wrong way? Is anyone on the batik list
  or more familiar with it? Batik starts with a TranscoderException
  encloseing a null Exception and one that states "Connection reset
  by peer". Any suggestions?

- the "Simple Internationalization" sample doesn't work (throws a
  NPException back to the browser which is very bad for a sample). Can
  someone correct that?

- the "XSP Internationalization" samples throws a NPE in the logs but
  seems to work at the browser. However the links in the pages to the
  different language samples don't work for me. Correction is needed.

After discussion and solving the issues in this mail I'll preserv some
time next week to put the beta out.


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