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From giacomo <>
Subject [C2.1] XSP preprocessor
Date Fri, 18 May 2001 06:28:14 GMT

Yesteday night I was thinking about the clean page model from C1. In C2
we don't have a way to enforce the clean page model because a xsp page
cannot be processed by anithing to make it possible.

As a feature for 2.1 release of C2 I'd like to introduce preprocessing
stylesheets to the Markup-to-Code engine. With this feature it should be
possible to restrict/sandbox xsp pages to only a few (e.  <xsp:page>)
xsp elements in their xsp pages letting a preprocessing stylesheet
stripping out every disallowed elements from the initial xsp page. Of
course there can be other reasons to have such a feature.

Another improvement for the Markup-to-Code engine will be the ability to
specify preprocessing stylesheets for the logicsheets itself. This will
make it possible to (finally) introduce the Simple Logicsheet Language
to ease the writing of logicsheets proposed by Ricardo Rocha last year.



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