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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: [C2]: Going beta this week?
Date Mon, 14 May 2001 08:43:21 GMT

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

> Hi,
> looking at the ToDo list we have finished every action except
> the class loading issue.
> As some of you already noted over the last weeks we could
> simply skip that action for the first beta.
> And: AVALON IS BETA!!! Great job, Avaloners!!
> So what is left to do?
> 1. We have the bug somewhere in the caching algorithm which
>    produces invalid responses on some systems.


> 2. We have some proposals for new features/changing features.
>    Most of them can be done in a later version. We have
>    to check if there are any which would make incompatible
>    changes and decide on them (I think the SAXConnector is
>    one of this - see my following mail).

I think we need to vote on Sylvains proposal to put the parameter
element inside pipelines into the map namespace. This is enssetial
because it alters the sitemap syntax in a backward incompatible way.

According to his analysis I'm +0 on that.

The other features/changes are IMHO add-ons to the sitemap
semantic/syntax which as you've stated can be implemented later on.

> 3. Prepare the beta version.

Yes. This needs a check if the build.xml can produce the right
distribtions anymore.

> As these are only "small tasks" I think we should manifest
> the 18th of may as the release date for Cocoon2 beta1.
> The problems with the cache should be fixed by that date
> (hopefully).

Can anybody have a look at the commandline mode of C2. I remember there
have been some issues left.

Stefano once promised C2 should be able to produce the sites for all
apache projects (online as well as offline) to eliminate the stylebook
tool which is poorly documented and maintained. Even if C2 is quite huge
as a distro we need to vote if we're still behinde this promise because
there has been a request for it on the general list a few weeks ago.
Also if the yote is "yes" we need to see if we can produce a "for
documentation generation only dist" for this purpose. This of course can
be done in between beta 1 and beta 2.


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