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From giacomo <>
Subject [C2] Caching and FOP ... (fwd)
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 05:09:51 GMT

Does this has something to do with the cache? I can experience the same


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Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 18:37:41 -0700
From: Rick Tessner <>
Subject: [C2] Caching and FOP ...

Hi All!

Just grabbed the lasted CVS of Cocoon2 (as of May 7, 2001) and I'm
finding that when PDF gets generated (even with the Hello PDF example
on the main http://.../cocoon/ welcome page) that I get a
blank page.

However, if I visit the same page again and it's served from cache,
it's clean!  I saved the Hello example when first generated and
then when served from cache and the two saved files are of
different sizes.

  1.  Newly generated: 1316 bytes
  2.  From Cache: 1135 bytes

This is happening under both Linux/Resin 1.2.3/Java 1.3.0 and
Solaris 7/Resin 1.2.1/Java 1.3.0.

If I just generate the FO alone and then run FOP against the the result,
the generated PDF is clean as well.

Anyone else out there seeing this?

Rick Tessner
MYRA Systems Corp. Fone: (250) 381 1335 x125  Phax: (250) 381 1304
                   Cell: (250) 885 9452

"Hmmm.  They have the Internet on computers now!"

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