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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: AW: caching vs. xsp
Date Mon, 07 May 2001 10:46:49 GMT
> > I was just wondering... isn't a compiled serverpage
> > theoretically the fasted way to create a SAX representation
> > of a page? If so, caching makes sense only at the end of the
> > pipeline for serverpages. Is this where we are at, Carsten?
> > --
> > Torsten
> I am not quiet sure if I get you right on this. But let's see:
> First, what is faster: parsing a small xml file but the
> file generator or doing some big database queries using a
> compiled serverpage? So you can't say, that a compiled
> serverpage is the fasted way.
Well, of course ceteris paribus - the small xml is the same
in both cases. What I was thinking is... if your XML files
are not changing very frequently... isn't it faster to use
serverpages even when you don't have xsp in them?

If we have a generated class representing that can generate
the SAX events and this class is loaded by the class
loader already - isn't it even faster to call the generator than
getting this stuff from the cache?

But of course caching after the serializer would make sense!

> I hope I got you right. Did I?

Well, not really.. Do you see what I mean now?

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