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From Donald Ball <>
Subject [c2] problem with content aggregation
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 20:02:51 GMT
got a little dilemma here, guys. most of the pages in my c2 site are
created by aggregating some url-specific content and a site-specific

   <map:match pattern="*">
    <map:aggregate element="root">
     <map:part src="plain/meta"/>
     <map:part src="plain/{1}"/>

this approach really kicks, it's like frames but better. anyway, one of
the things i'd like to do in the meta site-specific content area is to
include some links to the current url with some parameters tacked on the
end. e.g. if i've hit


i might want to make some links to


or if i've hit


i might want to link to


you get the idea. what i used to do was make the request.getPathInfo() and
request.getQueryString() variables available to my stylesheets using xsp
so i could construct the links there. unfortunately, that's not possible
when using content aggregation as the Request objects that the aggregate
parts receive return null for getPathInfo and getQueryString. i see two
ways to solve this:

1. have the sub Requests return the root Request's data for getPathInfo,
getQueryString, etc., but return their data for getRequestURI, etc.

2. give each sub Request a reference to its parent, so xsp authors can
access the root Request's data

(1) is probably a better option if it will never be the case that someone
will need access to both the child and the parent Request data. thoughts?

- donald

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