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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: AW: [c2] more caching bugs and oddities
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 18:09:56 GMT
On Thu, 3 May 2001, Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

> > again, if my pipeline has more than one trax transformer in it, changes to
> > any stylesheet after the first one are not reflected in the output. this
> > happens if i use either the Caching or the NonCaching pipeline components.
> >
> > _now_ it's not just neglecting to notice changes in the last stylesheet in
> > my chain, it's not seeing changes in _any_ of the stylesheets in my chain.
> > i'm using the NonCaching pipeline components. agh! this type of bug bit us
> > _hard_ in c1 for a long while, and it's not something designers are going
> > to tolerate.
> >
> I just tested the behaviour with a simple example consisting of an
> xml file and two xsl files. And what should I say? It worked with
> the NonCaching pipeline components and with the caching pipeline
> components as well.
> So to find the problem, could you explain what you exactly did,
> perhaps send a non working example,...?

i wish i could, but it's not the kind of example you can simply bundle up
and reproduce elsewhere.

> This strange behaviour did occur at our company from time to time
> on different computers.
> It seemed that the lastModificationDate of the xsl file was not
> changed by the editor/plattform even if the file changed or this
> change was not reflected by the java vm.
> As the TraxTransformer checks only for the modification date,
> this might be the source of the error.

i'm certain this is not the case - it's a local filesystem, no nfs or
anything stupid to worry about, the last modified timestamp is indeed
updated, nothing weird is happening with the system clock (i turned off
ntpd just to make sure the clock wasn't being suddenly skewed or
anything). guess i'll dig down into the cache components and make them
give up some more useful debugging info.

- donald

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