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From Jason Foster <>
Subject Logicsheet Order
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 19:19:53 GMT
A while back the issue came up of what order to apply logicsheets.
Ricardo wrote:

> This is a problem with the order in which logicsheets are applied.

> If the esql logicsheet is applied _before_ the transaction logicsheet,
> then no esql expansions will occur because the esql namespace is
> not used in the XSP document. Later, when the transaction logicsheet
> is applied, transaction tags will be transformed into esql tags but it
> will be too late then: the final xsp logicsheet will interpret the
> resulting
> esql tags as regular tags and will produce them as literals...

> The key problem here is that the C2 xsp implementation doesn't
> provide an appropriate ordering for logicsheets.

> Given a collection of inter-related logicsheets, the xsp engine
> should build a topological ordering that results in the correct
> sequence including, probably, the case when the same logicsheet
> may need to be applied more than once.

I'm having a problem that I think is related to this issue.  In my case
the request logicsheet works with the esql logicsheet, whereas the session
logicsheet does not.  I'll double-check my namespaces, but I'm pretty sure
that this is the problem.

Was something done to address this issue?

Jason Foster

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