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From "Pablo Bendersky" <>
Subject [Patch] Session
Date Tue, 22 May 2001 16:23:05 GMT
I've found a little problem when using <session:get-variable-names/>
from the session taglib.
The first error I found was with the use of the Java Vector in that xsl
To make it work, I also have to import java.util.Vector in xsp.xsl.

There was an error also in, in the method
getSessionAttributeNames, because it returned a vector with the attribute
values instead of the attribute names. I modified it also.

I'm sending you the patch. I wasn't able to run cvs diff (sorry for this),
so I've run diff -c in each modified file and sending you a .tar.gz file
including the .diff and the new file (with the directory structure).


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