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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject AW: Caching problems - solved?
Date Fri, 11 May 2001 12:39:13 GMT
> Colin Britton wrote:
> > 2. The first access to hello.pdf shows the pdf example
> I have tested this and the PDF problem is the same. If you look at the
> contents of the PDFfile produced on the first hit (ie not cached) all the
> objects are duplicated, when it is refreshed they are correct. 
> Attached is a
> copy of hello.pdf as a text document.
> The fact you do not see this with IE and the Acrobat Plugin is 
> that they do
> two requests for every page PDF opened, so the second one is OK and
> displays.
> To see this problem do not view the pdf but save it and try to open it.
Ok, I have a good and a bad news!
Starting with the bad one:

Sorry, I didn't use the IE but a small test programm which directly
saved the output from the request. So I really compared the first (not
cached) with the second one (cached). And they were the same!!

And now the good one:

The difference between your and my installation must be the
SAXConnector! I have turned on the NullSAXConnector and you used
the default SAXConnector (the CXInlucdeSAXConnector). Right?

So the problem is NOT the caching but the SAXConnector.


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