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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject AW: [c2] more caching data
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 06:13:37 GMT
> Donald Ball wrote:
> fwiw, i just put some debugging logging in TraxTransformer.getValidity -
> and learned that that method is never called. yes, i'm using the Caching
> components. carsten, can you perhaps enumerate the components that are
> involved in caching stylesheets? i'm a little confused as to the design of
> the cache system.

the CachingEventPipeline caches pipelines without the serializer (for
content aggregation), the CachingStreamPipeline caches the whole pipelines,
which means it caches an EventPipeline together with a serializer (or a

Both pipelines work very similar. All components of the pipeline are
asked one by one if they are cacheable (implement the Cacheable interface).
For the EventPipeline, this involves the Generator and the Transformers
and for the StreamPipeline this is the EventPipeline and the Serializer.
If a component is cacheable, the generateKey() and the generateValidity()
method are called. If they return not 0/null the next component in the
pipeline is asked and so on.
If a component returns either 0 for the key or null for the validity,
the following components are never tested for cacheable (I assume that
this is the case in your example).
>From the gotten keys a unique key for this request is generated
and looked up in the cache. If this key exists, the validity objects
from the cache are compared with the new generated. if they are
equal the cached response is used.
If either the key is not in the cache, or one validity object is
not valid (or equal) the cached response is invalid, a new response
is generated and stored in the cache.

As exampled in my previous mail, did you try to turn of the use-store
configuration of the trax transformer? Did it help?

> - donald
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