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From Jason Foster <>
Subject Re: [C2]: Caching problems - solved?
Date Fri, 11 May 2001 13:43:57 GMT
> Is someone else still having problems with the latest cvs
> on those examples?

bash$ rm -rf xml-cocoon2
bash$ cvs -d checkout
bash$ cd xml-cocoon2
bash$ chmod a+x
bash$ ./  -Dinclude.webapp.libs=yes webapp
bash$ cd ../jakarta-tomcat-4.0-b3
bash$ rm -rf ./work/localhost
bash$ rm -rf ./webapps/cocoon
bash$ cp ../xml-cocoon2/build/cocoon/cocoon.war ./webapps
bash$ ./bin/ run

Using either OmniWeb 4.0 (release) or IE 5.5 (beta)...

T=0s -> connect to
         -> welcome page displays correctly
T=1s -> choose to reload
         -> welcome page displays incorrectly
         -> all content after the version number is garbled

Something still seems to be messed up I'm afraid.

Jason Foster

P.S. How come build.bat is executable "out of the box", but not

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